My Mission

Quilts with Purpose was initially set up in 2016 as a means of extra fundraising for REACH OUT NEPAL INC., a community-based, not-for-profit organisation formed in Sydney over 20 years ago.

REACH OUT NEPAL (RONEP) has found sponsors for a large group of children from desperately poor families in Kathmandu, ensuring they are housed, fed and educated in Glen Buds School & Hostel and, when feasible, through tertiary education, thus giving these children the opportunity for a much improved quality of life.

In recent years Reach Out Nepal has, in turn, assisted the work of a truly inspiring young man, Harikrishna Devkota, a trekking guide from the Rasuwa District of the Himalayas.
Hari has taken direct action to help his community by setting up the High Himalayas Community Projects (HHCP) and achieving spectacular results in a variety of ventures.

I urge you to click on the Reach Out Nepal and the High Himalayan Community Projects Nepal websites, to find out about these two wonderful groups and the various ways in which you may be able to assist their work.

On the Latest News page you’ll find a report from Julian Laing on his January 2018 visit to Kathmandu and Rasuwa — it’s well worth reading!  2018 has been a year off due to shoulder surgery, precluding finishing any of the many works in progress, but that should start to change as we head for 2019!

Rather than have stocks build up when sales are slow, many quilts have been donated to local organisations,  for use as either fund-raisers or direct gifts.

Browse through the quilts for sale as well as the other products offered from time to time, knowing that your every purchase will directly impact the welfare of someone in Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries!

HHCP Amateur Video from Nepal

Life at Hari’s – Amateur video about life in Hari’s hometown, Jibajibe.

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