Learning the ropes

My wonderful daughter has worked so hard setting up this new (and greatly improved!) website for me — and now she has to put up with me getting to grips with it all. I’m sure it must be extremely frustrating for her but she has been incredibly patient. I have more questions when I visit her tomorrow, but I do know I’ll get there eventually…

There’s still plenty of tidying up for me to do with images, etc., but at last I can see that there’s some light way up ahead… While I am happy to donate quilts to worthwhile charities as I did last year, I would rather sell them and donate the proceeds to the group closest to my heart, Reach Out Nepal Inc.!

I’m happy to have several new quilts now added to the Shop and I’m all set to quilt a few more. My desk space is shared between quiltmaking and computer; just a matter of pushing one away while working on the other. I’m blessed with a terrific Horn cabinet perfect for quilting!

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  1. Karen says:

    WordPress is a great site and showcases your quilts beautifully.

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    1. Thank you very much, Karen. I hope I’ll find some buyers out there. I just love the whole process of quiltmaking so will keep going with it. So much fabric and so many designs on which to use them… Rhonda

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      1. Karen says:

        It’s very rewarding to see a quilt taking shape. I don’t know much about the online marketplace but I know in the UK craft people use a site called Etsy, no idea if it’s global or if you have something similar.
        Just another thought, does the charity you’re supporting have an online shop?
        Good luck x

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        1. Hi Karen,
          Yes, Etsy is global, I haven’t thought of looking at that. Reach Out Nepal doesn’t have an online shop, as we mostly call for direct financial support for the children we are housing and educating. I jut saw my quilts as an extra way of raising a little extra money for the cause. I’m now 75 and don’t have the energy for two much marketing and the recent heatwave conditions have slowed me down considerably!!! Rhonda

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          1. Karen says:

            Marketing is a hard thing to get into and can often be a lot of work for little reward. Take care in the heatwave, it’s always a bit odd chatting to those in the southern hemisphere about the weather; we’re in the middle of winter, although it’s been a very mild one so far, today was about 12 C

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  2. You have to put up with me teaching you which can be a bit all over the place! You’re doing really well, I’ll be redundant very soon! xxx

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    1. Not at all, I really appreciate the huge love and effort you’ve put into this for me — and for Reach Out Nepal.

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      1. I’m glad we picked up the step I missed about adding the feature picture!! Lol.
        It’s all been my pleasure ❤

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