Eden Memories

My sister, Jenny, was a talented quilt maker and needlewoman and I have several beautiful embroidered items she made over the years. When visiting her in Eden on the far south coast of New South Wales, I slept many times under a lovely quilt made in her favourite colour, purple. I drew up the two blocks and always intended to make my own version of Jenny’s quilt. After Jenny’s death, I was given quite a lot of her fabric stash, including some of the purples she’d used in the quilt on the spare room bed. The temptation to make a “Jenny’s quilt” using “Jenny’s fabrics” alongside my own, was not to be denied. Smaller and with a personality differing from the original, this quilt proved both a joy and a sadness during its making. Many years of sharing our love of patchwork and quilting brought us closer together as sisters; now I’m left with Eden memories. I hope someone will love this quilt and sense the emotions within its stitches.

142cm X 162cm


Eden Memories
Machine quilting, detail
The back of Eden Memories is interesting as well

Eden Memories


To make a purchase please use payment button above.  Contact me with your postal address and any questions you may have. 

100% of proceeds go to ReachOut Nepal and we thank you for your support.

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