Clearing the Shelves

Sadly, I have discovered that my year-old shoulder replacement will not allow me to finish off my quilts with any free-motion quilting — and it makes pinning the three layers together very difficult also. With the help of friends, I will be able to complete the quilts already in the pipeline, but after that it will all have to come to an end. I took up patchwork and quilting in 1988 and have spent those 31 years loving the entire process, from choosing fabrics, drafting patterns, perfecting the vital art of pinning and accurate piecing, quilting, teaching both in my home and in a patchwork shop, and giving my quilts away to family, friends and worthy organisations.

While I can continue piecing quilt tops, I will no longer have the pleasure of handing a finished quilt to its new owner. I hope that the quilts in my Shop will find willing buyers, as every cent of the purchase price goes to Reach Out Nepal. In time, unsold quilts will be given to charities in Sydney, either to be distributed to those in need, or to be used as raffle prizes and I will close the website.

I will continue using my (seemingly) never-diminishing fabric stash to support the work of Days4Girls, a worldwide organisation of volunteers who supply reusable feminine hygiene kits to girls in third-world countries, thus allowing them to continue with their education during their menstrual cycle.

Please check out the Shop page and the Works in Progress page and choose a quilt as a two-way gift, for the recipient of the quilt AND for Reach Out Nepal. Prices range from less than $200 to $2,500, so choose your donation level and then a quilt that matches your donation.

Hunter Star

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