March Update on Rasuwa, Nepal.

Thank you to Margo Dickson for this news from Rasuwa.

March 20, 2019

Hi all,

I thought I would do an email to keep everyone up to date with what is happening in Rasuwa, Nepal. Happy reading!!!

Hari has been extremely busy not only with projects being undertaken under the HHCP Nepal banner, but both of his parents have had health challenges that has required Hari to bring them to Kathmandu for treatment. We wish them good health as they are the most beautiful and giving people, but unfortunately paying the effects of a very hard life in the village.

In the villages the majority of the families have now finished building their new homes post earthquake which is great news!! There were only 14-15 families who were too late and missed out on the government funding, so have yet to build their new home. These families will continue to rally the government to try and get the funding promised.

The winter was a cold one with snow falling as low as JibajibeVillage, the first time in 12 years!!! It is much warmer now as they have moved into spring and all families are busy planting maize, potatoes and their greenhouse tomatoes and other vegetables. So many of our “hand up” greenhouse and micro ag kit recipients are about to gain a small seasonal income again………

The school children are heading into their final weeks of their school year with the Grade 10 students heading into their final exams on 25th March – 4th April. Good luck to all the children, in particular 3 or 4 of our sponsor children, and Hari’s daughter Manila as they pave the way for their next years of study in 10+1 and 10+2.

Work on Ghormu School is almost finished with foundations, walls, roofing and toilets completed. Finishing touches are the doors and windows, painting, electricals and clean drinking water. (Attached are the most recent photos I have).

In 2017 Andrea & Mario Marini visited Nepal and fell in love with the Rasuwa District upon visiting, and set about their desire to help build and stock a library/resource centre in Jibajibe High School. They fund-raised in England raising $US10000, and have been promised a further $US15000 from a Swiss Company once building begins. 

Andrea and Mario recently visited again bringing with them 550kg of reading books from England (this is an incredible task in itself :o!!!). They visited the villages and donated 30kg of readers to Ghormu School, 30kg of readers to Thuman School (a village on the Gatlang Heritage Trail), and Hari has the remaining 460kg or so books at his house in the village awaiting the completion of the library/resource centre. 

Work will begin on the Library/Resource Centre at Jibajibe High School on 5th April as Grade 10 exams finish on the 4th and this High School is the host of the exams for 5 High Schools throughout the District.

Patrick and Laura Hessel are incredible supporters of many projects in HHCP Nepal, and they are personally donating for the re-build of 5-6 classrooms at Jijajibe High School along with the Library/Resource Centre. Progress pictures will be sent through as they become available.

The Girl2Girl sanitation programme will also re-commence post Grade 10 exams with funding from Inner Wheel of West Harbour Sydney, Australia. This time HHCP will be targetting the extremely remote villages of Parchyang and Langu which have only seen non-locals once before in their lives. So HUGE education process ahead for these people!!

In 2018 Sue Oliver visited Nepal and delivered a “Rural Nepal Women Empowerment” programme sponsoring 10 local women into businesses. She is returning shortly again and will be sponsoring another 11 local women into their own chosen businesses. These women will also accompany Sue and her group on their trek acting as porters, so therefore another small income from this.

Nola Ainsworth and Elizabeth Cambourn are also currently visiting Nepal and touching base with Hari on a personal level. Nola founded Reach Out Nepal who is also an incredible supporter of HHCP Nepal and its projects.

HHCP Nepal is so grateful for the support it receives on so many levels from all around the world, huge blessings to all………

If you have any suggestions, questions or enquiries about HHCP Nepal please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Hari.

Kind Regards

Margot Dickson

HHCP Nepal volunteer 

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

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