Update on the Quiltless Traveller

Hello, Kirsten again, back with a quick update on Mum. I don’t know how, but our traveller patient has survived her hospital stay, with not a lot to amuse her actually. If only that quilting bag could’ve magically appeared in Turkey! Piecing could’ve helped pass the time and keep the mind occupied no doubt. Nonetheless, I’m glad to be reporting positive news in that our patient has recovered a little faster than first expected and was discharged from hospital this morning, much to her delight!

They are spending tonight in Antalya then flying to Istanbul tomorrow where they’re staying for a couple of days. Poor Mum’s been unwell the entire trip so we’re hoping she’ll stay out of trouble in those two days and get to see a snippet of the city.

On Sunday they’re flying out of Dubai and will finally be home on Monday. Their next challenge then will be picking up Holly, their feline family member. Dad’s nervous as she’s going to be mightily pissed off they’re so late in collecting her! We have a silly saying in our family that will apply to Holly – “she’s going to rip your arms oft and beat you up with them.” Going away is bad enough – not coming home on time means big trouble in Little Italy!! We’ll go and visit after she’s been picked up just to make sure there are no casualties.

Seriously though, we’re really looking forward to having Mum and Dad back home. It has unfortunately been a stressful and unpleasantly eventful trip for them both which is worrying for my brother and me. Big hugs will be relieving for all.

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