Winding up the website

As indicated in my previous post, the time has come to close my website. This will be my final post.

I still have a number of quilts, in particular the two lovely queen-size ones which, although expensive, represent months of work at around 90 cents per hour. There are simple, smaller quilts which would make a wonderful gift while supporting the Reach Out Nepal children, now mostly in tertiary education, or one of the projects of High Himalayas Community Projects.

I will still be a board member of Reach Out Nepal, travelling to Sydney for our meetings, which will be a lovely chance to catch up with old friends too.

Most of my fabrics and sewing supplies have been donated to a terrific community group in Campbelltown, which runs social groups and classes for refugees and the disadvantaged. I will continue to sew for another project, Days for Girls, which provides reusable sanitary kits for girls in third world countries, thus enabling them to stay in school during their menstrual cycle.

Thanks to all those who have bought quilts from me in the past. There’s still a (very) little time before I donate the remaining quilts to local charities, so please do not hesitate to phone me on 0413 422 049 ASAP if you would like to purchase one of them.

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