Fidget Quilts

What’s a Fidget Quilt?  

Australia has almost 350,000 people living with dementia, including 25,000 with Younger Onset Dementia, which affects people between 30 and 65.

Frequently, mental illness patients and those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia develop fidgety hands.  Fidget quilts are a soothing thing to those patients because the quilt gives their hands something to do. 

Also ideal if your little one is difficult to settle, as the texture variations add sensory interest without mental stimulation! 

A Fidget Quilt is 22-24in (56- 61cm) square, made with different textured fabrics & often adorned with assorted objects to help occupy the nervous hands of a patient suffering dementia or stress related to other mental illness.  Patients can gain a feeling of security when their hands are engaged and their sense of touch is stimulated.  Chances are you know someone in this unfortunate situation… or you may choose to donate a couple of fidget quilts to your local dementia unit.

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